The Log Crafter - Functional Chainsaw Carvings

Here are just a few of my Functional Carvings. Functional carvings are made for a particular purpose and because The Log Crafter carvings are genuine works of art, they are also real attention getters for your home or business.
All carvings are custom made to your order at my Studio or On Site.

Sign Carvings
Bear Welcome Sign
Bear Open Sign
Bear House Sign
Planter Carvings
Bear Back Scratcher Planter
Bear Honey Planter
3' Tall Raccoon Planter
4 1/2' Wide Raccoon Planter
Table Carvings
Balancing Bear Table
Upside Down Bear Table
2 Birds in a Tree Table
Support Post Carvings (posts are often carved On Site)
These carvings will support your building and increase it's value by providing genuine wood sculpture art that will amaze your visitors.

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